Ricky and Ryan have had a difficult Hyundai Heavy Industries British Sidecar Championship so far but they are refusing to let technical difficulties and injury dampen their spirit.

 The double champions are heading to Brands Hatch Indy for round six of the British F1 Sidecar championship.

Repeated grip issues with the outfit has so far hampered their bid to secure a third championship title but Ricky and Ryan are still confident that they can challenge the current front runners, Tim and Tristan Reeves.

The team has been working around the clock to investigate what the problem is and have fine-tuned the settings of the engine in the hope they have solved the grip issue.

Ricky and Ryan have been making really good lap times throughout the season but without grip on the back wheel, they have been slowed down in the corners. Luckily Brands Hatch is a bigger circuit so it should be less of an issue there.

Ricky also injured his leg at work a few weeks ago and had to adjust the outfit accordingly by moving the gear levers to the handle bars, something he is unfamiliar with.

He is now hoping that his leg is healed enough so that they might be able to move the gears back to his foot that’s the way he prefers it.

As the championship is now moving past the halfway point, Ricky and Ryan will have to go on the attack if they want to do a hat trick. They cannot afford to make any mistakes now.

Everyone has worked so it’s frustrating to be slowed down by technical issues. Luckily Brands Hatch is a familiar track for the guys so hopefully this could be a turning point for them.

Round six at Brands Hatch is a two-race event, with one race on Saturday and the other on the Sunday. Sunday races are broadcasted on Eurosport.